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Essay: The HIMS Strategic Plan Document

The HIMS Strategic Plan Document

The HIMS strategic plan document contains all the steps required to formulate the project. There are main five main steps as shown in Appendix VI (AHIMA Committee on Professional Development, 2001).  They are described as follows:

  • Missions and objectives involve the business vision and goals that help reach future opportunities.
  • The environmental scan includes SWOT and PEST analysis to determine the strengths to major in and the weaknesses to be avoided. All these analyses are discussed earlier. Strategy formulation should balance the strengths and opportunities to attain a competitive advantage over the competitors.
  • Strategy implementation by organizing the necessary resources and motivating the staff to reach the set objectives.
  • Evaluation and control in which the set standards are compared with the realized standards and control measures were done. This document has all the descriptions that should be followed to implement the project effectively. All the involved parties will refer to this document in case they have any doubts regarding any of the steps.

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