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Essay: Role of a Leader

Definition of a Leader

A leader is an individual who guides and instructs his/her team members for the purpose of attaining a specific goal.

The main role of a leader in a firm are:

  1. Leaders are needed in an organization at all stages- For instance, in the top stage, it is crucial for attaining cooperation in the formulation of plans and policies. Moreover, in the middle and lower stages, there is a need for the interpretation and execution of plans and events produced by the top management.
  2. Leaders are representative of the organization- A manager, i.e., a leader is the representative of the enterprise. He/she has to present the concern at conferences, general meetings, seminars, etc. His/her job is to communicate the rationale of the company to the public. A manager is also a representative of his/her own department.
  3. Assimilates and merges the personal goals with organizational goals- With the help of leadership traits a leader is able to help on reconciling or assimilating the personal goals of the employees with the firm’s goals.

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