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Essay: Providing quality healthcare services to the needy

There is a growing need to reach quality healthcare services to people in the most remote areas of the country. This demand comes as a form of social responsibility as the government and institutions try to enhance the lives of people in such areas. However, the persons employed to conduct the services are encountering a number of challenges ranging from practice, professional, and personal ones among others that need addressing.

For instance, as a practitioner, one might lack management support on some related healthcare services that may require clarification. Again, as a professional in the job, one needs some networking with peers to avoid isolation. Moreover, there is a personal isolation part where one feels lonely due to the distance from relatives and friends. Such issues are critical in meeting organizations’ goals and objectives, yet they are subject to influence by email. Consequently, this research will help to improve team relations, staff satisfaction, and hence overall improved patient care through the use of email.

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