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Essay: A Product Launch

In their book, Ramsborg et al (eds) (2008) state that events can be grouped into four distinct categories. An event can be leisure oriented, in that activities undertaken are purely for pleasure purposes. Leisure events include the different kinds of sports, music events, and other recreational activities. Cultural events make up the second category of events and include any occurrence that has a cultural theme behind it.

For example, religious activities, art, and folklore. The third type of events is personal events, and this ranges from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries. Finally, organizational events are those undertaken by any particular organization to fulfill their purposes and goals. For instance, product launches are an important aspect of any organization that has a new product it wants to introduce to the market. A product launch is an important and requires careful planning and a lot of effort, finances, and labor. Nonetheless, if carefully executed, it strongly determines the success or failure of a new product. Political and charitable events are also part of organizational events and are thus important to an events planner.

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