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Essay: Prince Charming

Goodness, gracious! Thinking about where I will be in five years, only one thing makes sense. Each day I get convinced the more that I really want to be in the arms of a sweet, God-given seraph. It does not matter what people will think because all I ever dreamed of is a treasure in the heart of this one person. The love of my dreams. If he were a man, hot chicks would call him all names: prince charming, the sexiest man living and so on.

Well, I must confess that my love makes me shiver every time our eyes meet. My knees wobble; my heart races and I hate the feeling of that juice coming down from the depths of my belly. It makes me want to keep the urge alive all day and night. The thought of waiting five years is agonizing when we will discover the beautiful side of life. I simply cannot wait to see us make a big family of ten or eleven. The feeling is impeccable and more than a lifetime reality.

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