Essay: Obesity Among Children

Sample Essay – Obesity Among Children

Take a look around you and you would see quite a number of children being more on the bulky or overweight side. This site is more frequent now than ever before and alarming at the same time. Obesity at such a young age is highly dangerous and threatening and can not only cause several fatal diseases but also reduces the average life span.

The reasons for rising obesity among children are more than one but most importantly it is the heavy intake of junk food and minimal mobility.

As we can see around us, fast food outlets have expanded at a rapid rate and no matter how much healthy food they promise to serve, the fact remains that such food is heavy in fat, oil, salt, and sugar content and its excessive consumption is much more than unhealthy. It appeals to children’s taste buds and the flashy advertisements attract the children so much so that such junk becomes an addiction.

Combined with the above reason comes the reason for limited exercise or body mobilization. The age of technology has pretty much restricted the children to their bedrooms or couches and the internet, laptop, television, and mobiles provide all that the children need. The result is they don’t move and all that junk keeps on getting accumulated with no exercise being done to burn in and comes in the obesity!

It is the responsibility of the parents to bring the desired balance in their children’s lifestyles and eating habits. This is for their own good as obesity at a tender age can cause complex medical issues to them very early in their lifetime.

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