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Essay: Need for Close Monitoring of Work

There also needs to be close monitoring of work and tasks that the team is given with emphasis on the instructions put forth as well as the time that has been allocated for a certain task to be completed. The team members also need to clearly understand why the team has been created. By making clear your expectations from the team members, they will work together for a common goal (Mann, 2010).

After setting up a team with clear expectations put forth, a team leader now needs to measure the current effectiveness of his team. In order for one to build that successful team, it is very important to look at the current success of that team. This will help in benchmarking for the development of the team as it provides the data to analyze the current evaluation and success rate. To do so, there are a number of methods that one can use. Interviewing the team members on an individual level will help in getting to know what exactly is going on within the team (Barker, 2010, p.25).

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