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Essay: The nature of work of an Accountant

The nature of work demands strong communication skills in terms of active and coordinative listening while paying attention to details. This would ensure that vital information does not slip over or left out. Then one must be a critical thinker for logical reasoning and evaluating alternatives as well as dealing with the staff of such nature in case of management job.

As noted previously, working for long hours in a busy environment requires a stronger person in tolerating stress.

Evaluating my traits in relation to managerial requirements, my feeling is that I qualify in most of the demands. Nonetheless, I need to work on my patience, which is a strong facility in terms of dealing with staff. My strong desire to get work done with the utmost efficacy of speed might sound impatient to others. To combat such, I would take an active role in the job, which will make me understand the nature of experience experienced by my staff.

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