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Essay: Major Changes in Life can Cause Aggressiveness

Major changes in life can cause aggressiveness. For example, when parents divorce, the child may feel insecure and afraid, and react to these emotions through aggressiveness. Moving to a new class or city can have similar results. In such a case then, aggressiveness may be a way of the child informing the parents of how unhappy he/she is with the new situation. It may be the only way they have to ask for help from unconcerned parents or those who are too busy for their children.

The media also has a significant role to play in aggressiveness in children. Lately, the availability and affordability of technology mean that children spend a lot of their time before the different media. Thus, more children are spending an average of 30 hours per week watching TV, and playing video and computer games. (Shin, 2008).

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