Essay: L’Oreal’s mission statement

L’Oreal’s mission statement

L’Oreal has a mission statement “to help men and women around the world realize aspiration to beauty, and express their individual personalities to the full.” In order to reach its customers worldwide, L’Oreal has employed the traditional distribution system combined with a chic branding image. To maintain control in the market, L’Oreal has an exclusive brand of salon products called Kerastase, which is distributed, only in certain locations to ensure that there is no explosion of the services leading to low business (Jobber, p.14).

Its products are usually distributed from the main center in Manchester, UK then shipped to its stores worldwide. There is also a direct channel of distribution from the factory located in Wales, in cash-and-carry outlets like Aston and Fincher, supermarkets, and chemists. For its range of professional hair care products, a network of sales representatives delivers them to salons (p.7).

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