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Essay: Justice is Based on Moral Ethics

Konow (2003) says that justice is ‘the concept of moral rightness based on moral ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity along with the punishment of the breach of the said ethics’. Justice may be distributive, procedural, restorative, or retributive (, 2010). Its elements are the management of prisoners and fugitives and fighting terrorism. Additionally, justice keeps society safe and arrests those against the law.

Retributivists state that if one has gone against the law, they have to be punished as failure to do this is diminishing their value as a person and disrespecting their victims. Thus, the punishment should match the kind of crime committed. Utilitarians, on the other hand, say that one should be punished for the well-being of concerned individuals. The level of punishment should be such that it accomplishes the said objective of maximizing others’ welfare.

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