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Buy Essay The Issues of Racism and Racial Discrimination

The Issues of Racism and Racial Discrimination

Racism and racial discrimination are pressing issues that continue to affect individuals and communities around the world. The roots of racism and racial discrimination can be traced back to historical and systemic injustices such as slavery, colonialism, and segregation, which have created deep-seated inequalities and prejudices that persist to this day.

Racial Discrimination and racism are two words that are utilized reciprocally, yet their implications vary in activities and goals. It is important to understand each and every word completely to have a better handle on these issues. At exactly that point would racism and discrimination be discussed in detail so that portion of the societal issues related to them will be reduced.

The issues of racism and racial discrimination that are present will continue to fester in society. This is especially detrimental as color blindness insists that race must not be mentioned. Thus, African Americans will not be in a position to call attention to the discrimination they may face (Bonilla-Silva, 2006).

In order for color blindness to be effective then, American society must be prepared to examine seriously and honestly the prevailing situation. Whites must be able to look at what is happening and be candid enough to admit that some of the privileges they enjoy are not because of their own hard work, but of the history, they carry behind them.

They must also be willing to let go of some of these privileges for the sake of minority groups. It is only then that color blindness will be effective as all races in the country will be at par, and ignoring the thorny issue that is race will still result in equality.

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