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Essay: Internship and Acquisition of Certifications

Owing to an increasing number of clients in need of counseling services it appears that this industry has attracted thousands of professionals who are interested in venturing in counseling services. However, the biggest challenge is the process and the qualification that these professionals need in terms of hours to be taken in the internship and acquisition of certifications. Most of these interested professionals are never patient to achieve full licensure but instead practice illegally.

In a nutshell, the need to have a central regulating body to streamline the quality of services that are delivered to the clients who need them is paramount. In Texas, the state board is responsible for the licensure of the counselors.  The state of Texas requires that a counseling professional (at least) must have completed a doctorate or master’s education from an accredited college or university.

The degree program undertaken must have specific coursework in abnormal human development, assessment techniques or assessment, counseling theory, and techniques for group and individual, research, lifestyle and career development, and cultural and social, and professional orientation (Springer &Roberts 2007). All these requirements are regulated by the state board in a contract with the NBCC.

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