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Essay: India as the Leading Country in Medical Research

This country ranks among the leading countries in medical research and development technology, in fact attracting even medical tourists who come to seek treatment but still lags behind in the fight against polio and Malaria ranking with countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. Furthermore, it has over eighty-eight percent of its population having access to water (UNSGAB, 2008), yet the problems of sanitation that cause such killer diseases as polio and diarrhea affect the country.

Further research by scholars has established a big relationship between the plight of the girl child, cultural values as well as poverty with the subsequent high mortality rates for children and women in India (Bhakhry, 2006). The following discourse examines the right of the child in India in the light of death-causing agents like polio and malaria, as well as focuses on the role played by the government, and its responsibility to the people and future generations of their people. A major argument in this paper is that it is possible to curtail the impact of these diseases as it has been done before with other deadly ones such as smallpox and guinea worm, which claimed Tens of thousands of people during 1950s and 1980s respectively (Gupta, Kumra, & Maitra, 2005)

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