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Essay: The impact of Multimedia elements

Impact of Multimedia Elements

The use of audiovisuals is an art that has had a very significant impact of Multimedia elements presenters for enhancing communication (Lundgren and McMakin 125). The following discourse is an analysis of how the use of sound, music, lighting, dialogue, and other special effects impacts the audience with the primary focus on a virtual tour. The virtual tour is a model presentation of an already existing place composed of multimedia elements inter alia video graphics, sound effects, text, and commentary.

The use of sound in a virtual tour may feature in form of music sound, dialogue, or even simulation of background objects. It is used to the entertaining audience by provoking their senses and emotions- one is able to know at which point to be sad, happy, or even fearful. Again, sound can be used to make points clear; for instance, one may know the setting under which the video is cast- Jungle, town setting, or office setting- through the use of background information.

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