Essay: Human growth and development

Studies demonstrate that human growth and development is subject to many influential factors both genetic and environmental (Levine & Munsch, 2010). The following discourse talks about selective attention and automization, centering on how they can influence development positively or negatively from middle childhood through early adolescence. The subject of study is obesity.

Selective attention can refer to a situation whereby a person focuses on a certain specific thing at the expense of an array of others while automization could mean a process through which mental and mechanical processes are trained to react on things intuitively and voluntarily without awareness. It is imperative to know that a habitual selective attention could lead to automization. For instance, there is a high likeliness of a child getting used to taking fatty diets throughout his or her lifetime if the parents are accustomed to eating and giving the child such food. The child will pay selectively attention to that type of food and eventually find him or herself voluntarily without awareness ordering such.

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