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Human Feelings Essay Writing

Most people if not all accept the fact that there is a major difference between human beings and animals whether wild or domestic. Some argue that we are different in that we human beings can communicate with each other, though we do not have enough proof that other animals of the same species do not communicate amongst themselves, while others maintain that we are different in that human beings are able to think, and, make choices and decisions in their lives. Regardless of whatever reason one has for the difference between human beings and other types of animals, human feelings are more exposed than in animals if at all they have. In this regard, this paper is set to expound on feelings as a part of human nature.

To start with, as already mentioned there above, the feeling is a characteristic in all people of all kinds which works hand in hand with other characters such as a person’s way of thinking and acting among others to give them an identity. According to Morose, they are all of those things that involve emotions, affections, sentiments, desires, and passions.  Additionally, the feelings one has may be positive or negative depending on its cause. For instance, one may have either a feeling of happiness or a negative feeling of unhappiness.

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