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Essay: Headaches of a World Cup Event in a Country

For the host country, the World Cup provides all concerned parties with tremendous opportunities as well as headaches. First, there is the question of where to get the money to ensure that the event takes place without a hitch. This includes the construction of the venues for the games. Consequently, many countries have had to build or renovate their existing stadiums to ensure that they are in perfect condition to hold any assigned matches. Then there is the race against time to ensure that all venues are up to FIFA standards and that they are indeed completed by the time the tournament starts.

Because this is a worldwide event, the number of people getting into any particular country is usually colossal. This means that in one way or the other, all these people, both tourists, and fans have to have accommodation. This also raises the question of food, medical supplies, security and many other issues and logistics involved. Nonetheless, the advantage of such an event being held in one’s country is that the economy experiences a substantial boost and members of the society have an opportunity to make more money than they will ever be able to make in their lives.

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