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Essay: Establishment of a Number of Retailers

Number of Retailers

Using indirect marketing channels, Arnold’s Emperor will establish a number of retailers with whom to do business. The retailers should be located in different parts of the country so that the company can reach as many customers as possible. Customers want to buy easily accessible products. This will be enabled through indirect distribution channels, as customers will not have to travel long distances to purchase the product from the main store. They will need to get the product of their choice from the nearest store, the retailer stores.

Further Evaluation

The main assumption, in this case, is that the product is new and customers have to become aware of its existence. This implies that the new product should be distributed through many retailers and with a strategic display. This will make the customers who get to the retail stores attracted to the well-displayed product.  It is also assumed that online marketing will fit the customers who purchase in bulk because these are the types of people who are busy and like to spare time whenever they are shopping.

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