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Essay: Effects of Application of Oral Polio Vaccine

The rising number instead decreasing is one of the biggest concerns that have even attracted the attention of many scholars as well as interest groups. They have tried to look for reasons as well as solutions for such cases. One of the common revelations is the effects of the application of oral polio vaccine only to develop some deadly side effects due to its adoption and mutation, forming one of the biggest challenges that affect the government of India today.

In his article ‘why polio not been eradicated in India despite many remedial interventions?’ Yash Paul (2009) demonstrates that the reason why the fight against polio is a long way from being worn in some districts such as Utah Pradesh and Bihar is not that children are not vaccinated but it is because the oral polio vaccine develops negative effects on them.

Essentially, this is the current situation of the war against polio, it is a situation that Paul (2008) terms “Polio eradication in India at the crossroads”.

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