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Essay: Creating Health Awareness among Indian Women

Though the situation might be different in the urban areas where most of the women are empowered and pursuing further education, the situation in the villages is totally different as people live in medieval psychology. Yet, this is where the largest population resides. Statistics indicate that 72 percent of the majority poor live in the rural areas (Das, N.d.).

The lack of education for the girl child has a paramount effect on the health of the society. Women need to know about the best type of diet and nutrition to take as well as give to their young so that they could grow healthy. In addition, they need to know the basic concepts that would help safeguard their lives as well as those of their young ones. For instance, they need to know about using mosquito nets and other repellents to keep their environment safe from malaria infection. Moreover, they need to be familiar with the various ways of handling wastes for proper sanitation, which would help to keep away from such infections as polio and other contaminable diseases like diarrhea.

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