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Essay: Why Children Adopt Violent Behavior

The environment the child is brought up in has a large role to play when it comes to aggressiveness. Consequently, violent behavior is higher in families that have a low income than in those that do not (Jenkins and Keating, 1998). Another environmental factor is whether any one of the parents abuses drugs and alcohol. The reason this may cause aggressiveness is that drugs and alcohol lower one’s inhibition leading to a situation whereby they are more likely to do things they would not have considered doing when sober. In such a case then, a parent is more likely to be more aggressive. If this continues for a while, then the child is likely to pick this behavior up from the parent and act on it himself.

Fairly large families lead to a situation whereby the children do not get sufficient attention from their parents. A child may become aggressive and act out, as a way in which they may gain the necessary attention from the parents. Hostility between the parents or from the parent to the child also raises the likelihood that one will be aggressive.

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