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Essay: Background information of Diseases in India

Studies indicate that currently an estimated over 1.3 million people, mainly women and children, die in India each year, with many dying from diseases such as malaria, polio, measles, tuberculosis, and diarrheal disorder – diseases that have long been eradicated or controlled in developed nations.

Sathyamala, Gupta, & Puliyel (2007) shows that the current figures stand at around 11,000 people who contracted polio in 2006 and some 200,000 people die from malaria each year in India alone through the relevant authorities followed a very little number of reported cases leading to their reporting misguided figures to the public.

The rights of children have been taken for granted for their treatment as the objects of the society, and every facet controlling the outcome of the future generation. Individuals including parents, relatives, and neighborhood, as well as governments and other groups, do affect and control the lives of children by affecting their rights. The rights of children hangs on the line as diseases resulting from negligence claims their lives as early as at below the age of five years with millions dying even before they have been named by their parents- within the very first month after being born.

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