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Essay: The Use of Art

The use of art to give meaning to times and events is the idea behind popular culture. It emanated with a group of young artists popularly known as the ‘beats’ to criticize the society at their time, in this case, the prosperous post-war society. The use of commercials and illustrious images manipulated consumer behavior via such means as marketing. Mickey Mouse club was a form of popular art that promoting Disneyland.

Apart from promotions, popular culture earned a living for artists. For instance, the invention of Hula-hoop earned the manufacturers approximately dollar forty-five million (Lindsay N.D.) As well, popular culture used manipulated to criticize the systems of governance and creating awareness. Amos ‘n Andy was a comedy depicting the Africa-American controversies. Such awareness may have contributed to the massive resistance against discrimination of 1956 (Webb 26).

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