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Essay: Appropriate classroom management procedures

The survey was conducted on the children of the 9th grade in high school. The interviews comprised a total of thirty-six teachers from the high school. The feedback received reflected that, overall, teachers reported the use of appropriate classroom management procedures in relatively high frequencies. However, there was a disturbing emergence of an issue as the results from many of the districts reported the use of corporal punishment. The worst part about this was that from the research findings, it actually lacked any form of effectiveness. Together with the presentation of the survey results, in this paper, I will also discuss how data on classroom management, collected by psychologists, has contributed to improvements in teacher behavior and student achievement. I will also show the apparent gap that exists between best practice and actual practice.

For any good and effective classroom management, good classroom rules are indeed its backbone. Minimum expectation is needed for behavior by every student in the classroom. All students are expected and required to follow the rules. This also applies to the special students. Once you make exceptions for the rules, a double standard exists. Thus, the rules become worthless. Students should be made to understand the resulting consequences of the rules, whether it is positive or the privileges that will be lost. Teachers, as well as other education personnel, have over time realized the importance of managing the behavior in the classrooms. It has played a big role in increasing the students learning capability (Charles & Senter, 2005).

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