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Essay: The application of Electronic Medical Records Communication

The application of EMR communication in the medical field has enabled effective and efficient accessibility and sharing of medical information as a part of its focus, and this is a positive thing. However, as much as the accessibility and sharing of information is of importance, its disclosure could also pose some economic, psychological, and social threats when it falls in the wrong places (Barrows & Clayton, 1996).

One significant aspect of the value and importance of privacy of medical data is withholding and distortion of the patient’s medical history. Medical history is essential when it comes to treatment of patients especially on chronic diseases that change in stages. Furthermore, it helps in assessing the costs and determining the charges or medical bills relating to the patient. As such, if a heartless person lays hands on such information and changes the contents, this might translate in wrong therapy, which might lead to death as well as it can lead to a huge financial loss on either side.

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