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Essay: Aggressiveness in Schools

In every school there is in the world, regardless of the country one is in, incidences of aggression in the students are prevalent. This high rate does not, however, mean that aggression and its consequent results are a good thing. Quite on the contrary. Studies show that aggression leads to bullying, which in turn does destroy the affected people’s lives, not just when they are young, but also in future. In addition, being aggressive when young means that one has a higher chance of becoming aggressive when they are older, and this leads to a situation where the aggression may translate to worse crimes.

In this case, then, aggression in children refers to behavior from one child directed to another child, or someone else that is meant to cause harm to them. In order for it to be aggression, one must believe that the behavior will, in fact, harm the other person, and it is a behavior that will not be approved of, meaning that the aggrieved person will have or will take the necessary steps to avoid it. Aggression may be manifested in a physical way, for example by pushing, shoving, and biting someone else. On the other hand, it may be verbal and includes insults and verbal abuse, and mudslinging, that is saying something about someone that is not true and is intended to hurt them in case they get to know the truth of what was said.

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