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Essay: The 2007 International Labor Organization

2007 International Labor Organization

The 2007 International Labor Organization (ILO) report on Decent Work and Youth in Latin America revealed that the number of unemployed youth stands at three times that of adults. 34 percent of the youth between 15 and 24 years go to school, 33 percent (30 million) work while 20 percent (22 million) of them just idle around. These are supposed to be the future leaders who are instead trampled on and eliminated from the equation. They neither work nor study due to a lack of means school fees and employment opportunities.

Trade in illegal narcotics has led to violence in society. Before, people were reported dead because of homicides like love triangles, domestic wrangles, or robbery incidents. Recently, the death tolls are from drug gangs that hunt each other down when settling scores or trying to get a monopoly in the drug world. The deaths have a major effect on society as people even small innocent children are exposed daily to corpses lying on the streets. The main purpose of these drug murders is to instill fear in the people, show their dominance over the police and legal system as well as send a message out to their rivals.

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