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Employee’s perceptions concerning health insurance coverage

The City of New York provides health insurance coverage for its employees. The city uses many different health providers. The Health Benefits Administration Unit acts as the agency’s representative to the New York City Employee Health Benefits Program. City employee’s conscriptions or changes in registrations have to be handled through the Health Benefits Administration unit.

Most employees in New York are given the choice of availing of two or more employers sponsored insurance health plans because intense rivalry among health insurance providers is encouraged as a system for balancing healthcare costs and quality. To earn the best grades in your Business plans and creative work assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

However, employees might not have the necessary information for making well-versed and knowledgeable health plan choices. Evaluation of a natural experiment where self-funded medical care benefit options were changed to contain costs within a larger medical group practice and the change, most employees were participating in health insurance plans with first dollar coverage, while 18%  had plans that had employee payments and deductibles.

Health Insurance Coverage

Some employers and employees with existing plans replaced their health plans with, one that offered lower premiums and greater out-of-pocket costs and the other with higher premiums, a lower coinsurance rate, and lower out-of-pocket maximums.

Most employees (72%) have the perception that the benefits that they receive are pretty good compared with employees working in private organizations. However, a large percentage of employees (61%) feel that they are not getting the full benefits that they are actually paying for. However, employees have the choice of selecting their own health plans and can also waive health plans provided by their employers.

Occasionally employees have to make a choice between coverage, group coverage, employment retention, and the cost of coverage that they can obtain by participating in employer plans or choosing their own health coverage plans

Employers usually give employees the option of either participating in the company Health Insurance Plan or choosing their own plans. Employers usually like employees to accept their insurance plans, because that ensures that the employee is insured against all probable contingencies and his/her payments, are deducted at source.

This employer plan is mostly for workers with a low or average income because they might put off paying their premiums and in the case of an accident, their insurance companies might refuse to pay their medical expenses. This puts financial pressure on both the employee and employer and the employee might not receive adequate treatment because of cost restraints.

Those employees that have adequate income are frequently given the choice of choosing a health plan with an insurance company of their choice.