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Electric Cars are the future

An ‘Electric Car’ is an automobile that is driven by one or more electric motors. The electrical energy is stored in batteries or some other form of energy storage device. The electric motors create strong and smooth acceleration and give the cars instantaneous torque. Electric cars first appeared in the 1880s and were quite popular during the late 19th and 20th centuries, until technological progress produced a much better and cheaper to-run internal combustion engine and their mass production led to the decline in the electric car. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis, and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

There are certain environmental and economic benefits associated with electric cars. They cause less pollution when compared with gasoline engines, and there is a discernible reduction in greenhouse emissions. Electric cars are not dependent on imported oil and are not vulnerable to oil supply disruption and fluctuation in prices.

Widespread use of electric cars is presently not possible because of several manufacturing and maintenance issues. Besides this electric cars would cost to produce and right now there is no structure in place for battery recharging other than the batteries being charged at home. Electric cars also have range limitations and drivers will face severe anxiety in case they run out of energy before reaching their destination or are in a position to recharge the batteries.

Electric Cars

Developed countries have started manufacturing and using electric cars and the bestselling and most efficient electric car currently on the market is the “Nissan Leaf” which is now selling in 35 countries There are several legible reasons why electric cars should be the cars that most people drive and why everyone should favor the electric car over the traditional gasoline-powered car.

One reason is those people will and still do enjoy driving electric carts.  Golf cars are all powered by electricity and the pleasure you see on people’s faces when driving around in golf carts is pretty obvious that they are enjoying the experience.

Most people have no knowledge of electric cars that are being driven on the roads, but when the majority becomes aware of the advantages of electric cars, they will become firm adherents. The electric car can currently be called a rarity because even the media does not promote it in their reports or features. But word of mouth is just as effective, and when word gets around about the availability and advantages of the electric car, most people will willingly abandon their traditional automobiles in favor of the electric car.