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Effects of Mass Media on People

Mass Media

All types of mass media are the major source of information. One can learn about recent happenings around the world through broadcast media or print media.  Information on political activities at a national and international level is broadcast through radio, television, and the Internet as well. Moreover, international matches or games like cricket, hockey, and football are given full coverage through television broadcasts.

Commercial programs

Radio, television, print media, and the internet provide the facilities for advertisements for industrial products and services. Business and trade expand with the publicity of goods. Through mass media, newly invented products and ideas can be introduced in the market and among the masses. Moreover, mass media is a way of presenting the qualities and features of products. Social media is the most accessible way of advertising one’s product or service. Advertisements on TV are mostly peppered with a tinge of humor so that they may become light and affect sharply.


Some educational programs are broadcast through radio and television in a systematic way. In these programs, the content is created of such kind that the related audience will learn what they intend to. cooking programs are most common educative programs these days. Moreover, media does not only share particular information or knowledge; one can now also acquire higher education just by registering to a particular online university using the internet. DIY( do it yourself) blogs on the internet are teaching a number of things to the audience through easy picture tutorials or video tutorials.

Freedom of Thought:

Radio and television and other mediums play a vital role in changing the overall attitude and ideas of the masses. Mass media urges the audience to think beyond the lines and to reach the lines of modern thinking. Traditional useless customs rituals and bad habits are constantly condemned through these mediums. Useful and productive programs bearing the qualities of moral values are presented through these mediums. Mass media teaches its spectators to have freedom of thought. However, sometimes the concept of culture is misused by most people through these mass mediums of communication.

Moreover, a particular stereotype is also built for a particular sect or religion through mass media. People do have freedom of thought, however, preserving a wrong perception about a particular sect or religion is quite wrong. The present world has been exposed to a number of communication and through different mediums and sources of information one can atone for his wrong perceptions and can judge a particular event from different perspectives.

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