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Education in the Middle East

Some Middle Eastern countries are very conservative and they have serious objections over females getting educated. Saudi Arabia, being a staunch follower of strict Islamic rules does not allow the native women from going out without a male. These factors lead to deprivation of education among most of the women. Women are required to be good housewives, taking good care of their children and husbands. They cannot roam around freely in different cities without their husbands. Co-education is strictly prohibited and because of such factors, girls are deprived of education. In Syria, circumstances are not good to put young minds, regardless of gender, to education.

Each day, families in war-torn cities, wake up with a bad news. There are different Islamic factions operating in Syria, disrupting the daily routine life of the civilians. Safety is crucial for young children seeking education and because of gruesome circumstances, children live in immense fear. Some children even lose their lives and in some cases, even parents. How children in Syria acquire high-quality education when they wake up every day with bad news about bomb blasts and deaths of civilians. They live in utter fear and at the back of their mind, they are naturally obsessed with their own safety of life and well-being, due to ongoing civil war and different religious factions causing destruction

Apart from Syria, being a war-torn Middle Eastern country, Yemen is also going through a similar fate. In Yemen, living and surviving every day is a challenge. The oil-rich neighbor of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, has been bombing the innocent civilians. Everything is in complete disarray. In Yemen also, young children and even adults are not sure as to how long they could survive, with bombs being dropped on innocent civilians by the jet fighters of Saudi Arabia considering such circumstances, there is no way these war-torn countries could progress in the educational sector because they are deprived of their very own safety.

In order to acquire high-quality education, children need a peaceful, loving and caring environment. It is their very basic need and if it is highly compromised, how children in these Middle Eastern countries could even think about acquiring education. Children in these countries struggle and survive each day, let alone think about acquiring education. At the end, the conclusion is that it is very important for peace to prevail in order to acquire high-quality education in these countries. The current generation of war-torn Middle Eastern countries has been suffering for the very basic necessities and in such gruesome circumstances; thinking about education is a very far-fetched idea