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Early Credit Task Force Educational Review

A study conducted by “The Early Credit Task Force” was organized with the intention of assessing students who had enrolled in State Universities on the basis of credits earned while completing high school. This system of earning credits is known as ‘dual enrollment and was seen as an effective way of helping students to be prepared for college so that they enter college earlier and with some credits already earned.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an approach that helps progressive high school students to commence college before time. Lately, attention is growing for using dual enrollment to effect an effortless conversion to college, especially for students who are usually not represented adequately in higher education. Experts believe that high school students who are given the chance to involve themselves in college courses are more likely to register in colleges and eventually graduate.

For carrying out and completing this study, information included Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), dual enrollment, and direct enrollment. The number of students having dual enrollments increased from 34% in the year 2000 to 62% in 2010. The number of early college credits also rose to 13 from 6 in 2000.

Information was obtained from the Office of the Registrar and examined along with surveys conducted among students who enrolled in Iowa State with ECC and with several groups chosen across campus. University data was also studied to evaluate the advantages of early credit.

Early Credit Task Force

The largest number of students who enrolled had earned their transfer credits from Iowa community colleges with succeeding distinctiveness in several competencies are students that have acquired some form of ECC score better GPA in their first semester than students without ECC graduate slightly ahead of those students who have no ECC, which proved that earning early credit does affect academic success and enhances the probability of graduating within four years.

According to the surveys, a vast majority of the students had attended classes conducted by high school teachers during school hours, but some of their earned credits were not applicable to earning degrees in their major subjects some students had to repeat at least one course at IOWA State University because of some shortcomings in what they had studied at ECC and where they started at IOWA State.

This matter was addressed in a manner that increased added to their academic understanding. Students also realized the need for special exclusive advice for students seeking enrollment with ECC. Students

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