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Donald Trump Foreign Policy Agenda

The current president-elect of the United States will occupy the Oval Office at the White House with promises of drastically changing foreign policies of the United States. What he does or does not do will have consequences for America and for many countries all over the world. Everyone is waiting and watching Donald Trump Foreign Policy Agenda because he presented ambiguously and usually inconsistent and self-contradictory. Mr. Trump has repeatedly proposed ideas that would reduce America’s role in world politics like taking independent actions when needed to distance America from traditional allies and forge closer ties to current opponents.

During his camp again, he stated that he would reduce or probably cancel America’s pledges to security coalitions. This would include NATO and defense agreements with South Korea and Japan. He has also said that he will abandon the World Trade Organization and also said that the North American Free Trade Agreement is not in the interest of America and the worst trade ever signed by America. Trump has also threatened to cancel the international agreement on reducing climate change due to the greenhouse effect that was signed in Paris in 2015. He thinks that more countries should have nuclear weapons so that they could protect themselves without American involvement and help. He also voiced the opinion that traditional allies like Saudi Arabia should not get American support free of charge; in fact, they should pay America for protecting them against countries like Iran and Yemen and even Iraq.

He also admires and supports Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president, and says that the United States should work with Russian to support Russia’s Syrian ally, President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s civil war against Syrian rebels. The rebels are currently supported by America and many Arab countries who want to do away Assad. Mr. Trump has said that he favors the use of force in certain situations and said that he would again allow waterboarding, a type of torture used on offenders and detainees to elicit confessions of guilt from them.  Although he supported the American invasion of Iraq when it happened, he has loudly criticized the administration’s handling of the whole affair. He said that he thinks it was right for America to use force to get Iraqi and Libyan oil.

When asked about the incident when the Iranian Navy captured American sailors who had inadvertently drifted into its territorial waters, he said he would have “shot the Iranian navy out of the water”. Trump has also said he would demolish the international that limits Iran’s nuclear program. When questioned about China, he would like to take disciplinary economic measures against the country and threatened to impose high tariffs that would destroy the largest two economies in the world. His most potent threat is to build a wall to prevent Mexicans from illegally entering America. Most people are not sure whether he means what he has said or that is only campaign rhetoric.

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