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Disable People

Disable People Essay

Disabled people are that group of community, which mostly depends on their caretakers while dealing with their basic needs and requirements. Different countries have different policies and standards to benefit disable people. The government of the UK also has some principles and procedures to benefit disabled people in their community.

Recently, certain cuts have been proposed by the government in order to reduce the benefit provided to disabled people. The impact of these cuts in the lives of disabled people in terms of political theories is discussed in the following. An Impact of Proposed Cuts on the Lives of Disabled People. Since the life of disabled people usually depends on their caretakers in terms of dealing with daily basic work routines.

Disable People

Due to this disabled people who don’t have some on to take care of them have to hire a caretaker because and it requires money. Recently, the Government of the UK has proposed cuts to the benefit provided to disabled people due to the increased global recession.

The number of disabled people helped to work under this government of the UK has increased by 5.4% in the past year and this became possible only because of the encouragement disabled people get when they receive funds from the government. These cuts will de-motivate disabled people and put their lives on the edge of destruction.

Political Theories

Political Theories and Ideologies Political theory of the state is classified into two categories; Conservatism and liberalism which ultimately support capitalism. Perspective of Karl Marx was in complete disagreement with the state and supports the system of communism where the state has much less authority as compared to capitalism.

Cuts on benefits will generate more conflicts in society under the reflection of Marxism on proposed cuts. Freedom and justice allow a group to have the free will of doing anything in the context of justice and equality. The opposite of freedom is conservatism, which favors traditions in terms of culture, religion as well as national beliefs and customs.

Conservatism disdains the application of proposed cuts because it allows us to follow a tradition and cultural norms of a society and these norms and culture favor the extensive support of disabled people. Disabled people should be treated equally and they should have rights and power equal to the normal people.

The concept of liberalism supports the concept of liberty and equality, therefore, views on proposed cuts in terms of liberalism support the idea to that disabled people should have freedom and equal justice and agrees with the statement of liberalism.