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Customer Satisfaction Level

Customer satisfaction is a vital component of a company’s sustainability and growth. Feedback from customers is a key to understanding if a business is meeting customer expectations and gauging whether they are delivering the standard of service that is desired by their clientele.

Guest surveys measure important factors that have an overall impact on the hotel and a guest’s experience. Knowing what guests think about a hotel is a meaningful way to drive the success of the business and create a long-term competitive advantage.

Being able to understand what guests did or did not enjoy their stay gives the hotel the ability to take action to improve future stays. It also provides a general idea about what areas of service the hotel may be lacking or excelling in compared to the local competition.

Second Factor

A second factor that highlights the efficacy of satisfaction surveys is noted in the fact that the main factors impacting customer loyalty are generally identical across the board for all types of hotels. Consequentially, the same type of surveys can be used for various hotels, large and small, five-star and one-star.

Factors such as level of service, cleanliness of the guest room, and quality of breakfast are all typical questions that are likely to be measured on a hotel’s survey. While most people understand that choosing to stay at a Motel 6 will provide a very different hotel experience than what would be offered at a Ritz-Carlton, guests who choose a particular hotel still have a general expectation regardless of name or star rating.

Measuring customer satisfaction is incredibly valuable because satisfaction is directly tied to a hotel’s bottom-line profitability. When customers are happy they are not only loyal, they buy more, as well as refer other customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction results in customer retention and the value created by companies for their customers highly influences the customer satisfaction level. Therefore, it is crucial that a hotel have some sort of system in place in order to measure customer satisfaction.

With the ubiquity of digital tools, customers can instantly communicate their experiences to a worldwide audience. This can significantly affect a hotel’s reputation and thereby, its success, so it is important that hotels engage with customers online, which can promote a positive reputation and build retention.

Customers are able to voice their opinions through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media applications. Yelp, a website that allows customers to review and rate products ranging from hotels and restaurants to movies and physicians, is an immensely popular website where customers go before making decisions about what businesses to support.