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Buy Essay Cognitive Development

Buy Essay Cognitive Development

In the 1920s a biologist named Jean Piaget projected a theory of the cognitive development of children. Piaget studied the concept of cognitive development from a biological perspective. He introduced a new revolution in thinking about how cognition develops. For Piaget adaptation and organization are the main principles in the human’s intellect and growth.

In 1984, Piaget observed that children comprehend ideas and reason differently at different stages. He stated that human beings always try to have a state of balance in their mind. When children experience cognitive disabilities, it is then adaptation is developed. That is the situation in which the child sees the world as expected and what he or she is going through. Therefore, the child intakes new information and integrates it with the existing one.  Jean Piaget calls this accommodation. This takes place when the acquired new information does not place well into the existing one. The scheme is the basic structure since the mind needs to have some type of information structure.

In a child’s development, play is a crucial factor to consider, because ideas and concepts are learned and also, and there is a boost of language, motor skills, and social skills through play. For Piaget, there are four main stages that are included in cognitive development.

  1. Sensorimotor Period
  2. Preoperational Stage
  3. Concrete Operational
  4. Formal Operational

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