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Aspects of Coaching

Coaching and mentoring also have some common aspects that have their own significance in relation to the performance of the organization.

There are certain occasions, where the coaching professionals and mentors are required to assume their roles parallel In some of the instances, it has been observed that both techniques are independent of the relationships related to the line management as they may strangle the honesty and openness which can be or should be at the core of winning dialogues.

To achieve the strategic goals of an organization, it is very important that its employees go in accordance with their individual goals. This alignment of the organizational strategic goals and individual goals has given birth to the concept of training and development that has led towards the coaching and mentoring of the employees.

It has also been observed from several types of research that by being a flexible, practical, and cost-effective method, mentoring can be equally successful “work” in companies of any size, in any industry, and at any stage of organizational development.

Aspects of Coaching

Not only mentoring but coaching, as well as any process, is required to have specific, achievable, and measurable goals and objectives, otherwise, it would definitely lead to destructive function and promote the rapid development of the syndrome of emotional “burnout” among all participants.

On the other hand, in business coaching is regularly used for the growth of the abilities of top managers, because they have already proved themselves to be good professionals, and possess the necessary professional skills. Therefore both the methods of coaching and mentoring are widely used.

Like many other companies, there are several employees who just have theoretical knowledge and information and not the practical knowledge at hand, for them the coaching and mentoring help in a great manner.

Theoretical Point of View

From the theoretical point of view, coaching is the activity carried out by a certified professional (coach) using techniques, tools, and forceful methodology to support its client (coachee) to achieve results, goals, or decision-making.

However, the technique of coaching can be used to develop strategies and achieve results in personal life (health, leisure, relationships, and spirituality) or professional (career development, finance, skills, etc.). When organizations hire someone for coaching directly by the customer, the activity takes place within the life; professional coaching; when hired by the company for the development of its executive powers, it is called Executive.

Mentoring or mentoring is an activity performed by an experienced professional who uses his knowledge and experience in a particular area to share experiences with their protected or mentoring.

The mentor can help a professional career that begins to deal, for example, with difficult and stressful situations, sharing experiences about past situations already experienced by the mentor and now faced by protected or mentoring. The mentor always has a lot of experience in their mentoring.