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Academic Degrees and Capstones

Capstones refers to as “a crowning achievement,” and “culminating,” which is designed to bring “focus and reflection” on what an individual tends to learn in an enterprise. Commonly used, a capstone is a culminating need that incorporates essential skills and knowledge in the primary field learned by an individual pursuing a professional qualification.

Research proposals, thesis, and dissertations serve as a type of capstone for graduate, master’s, doctoral baccalaureate, and certificate degrees. As soon as a student satisfies all the course needs of a pursued degree, the student takes an inclusive exam or its correspondent. Upon its completion, an individual becomes a candidate for the pursued degree and starts working on the capstone needed. Whatever type of capstone a student is undertaking, it has to be fully edited, and grammatically correct with accurate spelling, mechanics, and usage besides consistency, subsequent to the usual discipline terminology of which the capstone is an obligation.


A dissertation is like a thesis as the chapters incorporated in them are alike including, review of related literature, introduction, findings, methods, interpretation, recommendation, and conclusion. Just like a thesis, it is scholarly and critical research of the phenomena or a phenomenon.  In comparison to a thesis, the dissertation possesses additionally inclusive exposure. It is in more depth because it examines the relationship between different variables.

In comparison to a thesis, its application and developed theory can easily be applied to a wide framework. If an individual is developing a capstone for a doctor in philosophy, it primarily deals with the formation of a theory. If it is a doctor who is practicing, it basically tests the theory application or other theories in a specific context. In support of its findings, its last chapter incorporates an evidence-based intervention based on its analysis.


Given that an evidently recognized concern is being devised by the student, she or he explains the research significance, relevantly reviews literature, justifies and identifies the methods of and sources for collecting information analyzes data or information, discusses and presents results along with offering a recommendation in the conclusion section.

In the past decades, post-masters and post-baccalaureate courses are being developed from traditional postgraduate and graduate degrees. For example, there are many doctoral programs which are also recognized as professional or practitioners doctorates. Students attaining their master degree as executives or who are either understudies or occupants such as program directors, chairpersons, deans, and vice-presidents in industry, non-profit, business, and other organizations. Possibly, their requirements for capstone will include a research project that can be used by their institutions.